Masters Course in Interactive Processes of Organs and Systems Required Documentation

Required Documentation

  • Passport (original document + copy)
  • Photo 3x4 (1)
  • Degree Diploma in Medical or Biological Sciences (original document + copy)
  • Thesis Project (in printed version and on CD)
  • Term of Commitment signed by tutor accredited by the graduation program and the schedule of implementation and financial viability of the project (annex 1)
  • Statement of conditions for admission to the Graduation Program (annex 2)
  • Curriculum Vitae (Plataforma Lattes model) and the respective comprobatory documentation(original document + copy).
  • Application form (annex 3)
  • Application´s fee (R$30.00) -

Evaluation Process

  • Analysis of the thesis project (maximum of 6 pages, characters Times New Roman 11 and space 1.5, in which should be included the schedule of implementation and the technical ,scientific and financial viability, excluding the bibliographical references).
  • Analysis of curriculum vitae and academic records/ transcript
  • Interview
  • • English test based on scientific article related to the health area(eliminatory test). The answers will be evaluated according to the level of comprehension of the text, the ability of text development , taking into consideration the ability to summaryze and to use formal written language.
  • For foreign applicants will be applied a Portuguese test.
  • The eliminatory test requires applicants a minimum of 50% of correct answers and six as a minimum final average grade of the selective process.

Selection Criteria

The selection of candidates for admission to the Masters and Doctorate Programs will occur in two stages.

1. Preliminary stage.

  • Portuguese test
  • English test

The tests will include multiple choice questions and subjective questions in English, for which the answers will be in Portuguese.
Candidates must achieve a minimum grade of five (5.0) in each test in order to move on to the next stage. In the calculation of the final average, weight one (1) will be applied to the resulting arithmetic average grade.

2. Qualifying Stage

This stage will include curriculum evaluation (weight 3), project analysis (weight 3) and an interview (weight 3) held before an Examining Committee composed of three PhD Professors members of the Graduate Program faculty. Considering the weight one (1) applied to the arithmetic average in the first stage, each unit above the minimum grade of 5.0 will be equivalent to 0.2.

Applicants must reach the final weighted average grade of at least five (5.0) to be approved; however, candidates will also be ranked according to their final average grade and will be selected according to the number of vacancies announced in the opening public notice (EDITAL).

Bibliographical suggestions

Books and articles on homeostasis and general homeostasis disturbances.



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