ICSC33- Advanced Topics in Imunointervention in Allergic and Self-imunes Diseases
ICSA50 - Modulation of components and systems for physical, chemical and biological agents
ICSA51 - Biostatistics
ICSA52 - Biochemistry and Physiology of the Organs and Systems
ICSA53 - Metabolic Disorders of organs and systems
ICSA54 - Ethics and Bioethics
ICSA55 - Morphology of the Organs and Systems
ICSA57 - Advanced Topics of Biochemistry and Cell Biology
ICSA58 - Tissue Bioengineering
ICSA60 - Oral Biology
ICSA61 - Biotechnology Applied to Health
ICSA62 - In vitro Cultivation of human and animals cells
ICSA63 - Diagnostic Imaging of the Stomatognathic System
ICSA64 - Ecology of Pathogens and Microorganisms
ICSA65 – Epidemiology
ICSA66 – Etiopathology
ICSA67 - Immunoprophylaxis and use of Parasitic Diseases
ICSA68 - Inter-relation periodontal disease and systemic conditions
ICSA69 - Methodology of Higher Education in Health Sciences
ICSA70 - Analytical Methods and Biosafety
ICSA71 - Psychopharmacology
ICSA72 - Advanced Topics of Metabolism
ICSA73 - Guided Search
ICSA74 - Thesis Project
ICSA75 - Teaching Internship Oriented
ICSA76 - Elaboration of Scientific Articles
ICSA77 - Qualifying Examination of the Dissertation
ICSA80 - Special Topics in Immunology